Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing specialty chemicals from the date it took its first steps more than 40 years ago. It has adapted world class updated technologies in its production process, at every step, as per ISO guidelines and keeping in pace with ever changing technical measures it has moderated all its production set ups, starting from automated production control to packaging material handling and storage. The priority has always been to serve its valued customers with quality products and services.

Highly experienced skilled and semi-skilled personnel engaged with the manufacturing unit of Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. have orchestrated its massive and diverse production unit in a most dynamic way so that the manufacture of a wide range of products could be managed effortlessly.

The production team is always keen to maintain an excellent back up infrastructure to ensure non-stop functioning of the entire system. The unit is still prospering on several aspects with its single motto to assure quality service to the customers.

Quality Control

Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has a highly efficient Quality Control team that consists of people with massive relevant experience and technical knowledge. It holds engineers. PhDs and experts in various techno commercial fields. To keep parity .‘ the ever evolving technical scenario in the world it has adapted the guidelines of ISO and maintained an uninterrupted certification for years. QC team conducts continuous monitoring at every step of the infrastructure and assures the required standards to be maintained. All the process VIZ., procurement of raw material, storage. production, material handling, are under continuous surveillance of the Quality Control section.

Research & Development

A well equipped modern laboratory set up is an asset of Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. and it is maintained with utmost care by the company, Guided by veteran technical experts with huge prior experience both in corporate and public sectors as good as National defense, The laboratory has achieved a standard of international acceptance and has maintained a string of frequent interactions with international laboratories. Relentless hard work of laboratory personnel endowed Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. with a wide range of products that have competed successfully with world class alike.

Technical Service

Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. provides technical service to the Customers so that the application process of its products could be streamlined, and the production people engaged with the plant could be familiarized with suitable procedure. Technical persons involved with Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. are well experienced with diverse kinds of plant atmosphere and facilities and effectively maneuver the existing establishment to reach the best possible results. Quick response team associated with Technical Service Section is extremely prompt to confront any challenge that rarely might arise. It has further extended its quality service to the customers in various countries alongside the valued domestic customers.

Import / Export

To serve the esteemed customers abroad has always been in the top priority of Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. which helps it in maintaining an international quality standard as well as participating in innovative research work to explore newly evolved technologies which are more effective, more economic and more eco-friendly. The company has expanded its customer range in international market alongside providing satisfactory service to the existing customers in the running decade. With increasing volume of production and faster rate of circulation. Salts and Chemicals Pvt Ltd. has inclined interest to Import of quality raw materials in bulk quantity. This has further enriched the strategic artillery of this manufacturing unit. Import and Export division gradually has become a precious asset for the company.

Business Summits

Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. regularly participates in international business summits in India and abroad to utilize the scope of direct communication with customers as well as suppliers throughout the country and the world to explore improved business opportunities.

It is given certain importance that at times management personnel themselves attend such summits so as to set improved business policies keeping harmony with ever changing demands in the domestic and international market.

Effluent Treatment

Company worked on various effluent treatment projects at different private or public sectors. It holds a batch of technical experts to deal with plant designing, erection, commissioning etc. for effluent treatment projects. It has developed a full range of different products that are useful at various stages of Effluent Treatment Plant. Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has developed its expertise in the field by extending quality product and service to customers renowned worldwide, It has built up its technical knowledge in membrane cleaning and microbial technology for rendering the process more effective and eco-friendly.

Annual Seminars

With increasing global competition in the field of chemical science and technology Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. feels the relevance of conducting annual Seminars on the latest technical developments worldwide as well as its own efforts to survive and prosper. Keeping this in mind, Company arranges annual seminars to address all its personnel from technical, semi-technical and techno-commercial sections which have helped it to explain its views and to gather various suggestions that came as a result of detailed market survey and technical literature.