Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading ISO 9001: 2015 certified company engaged in manufacturing specialty chemicals. Majority of its business is based on export to various countries worldwide which establishes the quality of’ its products at internationally accepted standards.

Company started its humble beginning back in 1977 managed by a team of highly experienced, qualified and dedicated professional attached to reputed chemical industries. Over a span of around four decades the company has performed dynamically to a level which enables it to render protessional services of highest standard to their customers across the globe, especially in Asian and African countries. Meanwhile. the Company has equipped ii with latest technologies accepted globally for it manufacturing processes.

Salts and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete and comprehensive range of Metal Pretreatment Chemicals, Galvanizing Chemicals, Heat Treatment Chemicals and Water Treatment Chemicals across India and overseas. Company also provides end to end customer support and technical solutions as per requirements.


Metal Pretreatment Chemicals.(Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating etc.)
Water Treatment Chemicals: (Cooling Tower, Boiler, RO and Thermal Power Plant etc.).
Heat Treatment Chemicals (Automobiles and Steel Industries etc.).
Galvanizing Chemicals (CCL. CGL, Structures etc.).
Basic Chemicals (Zinc Phosphate, Mono Aluminum Phosphate etc.).
Fuel Additives (Coal. Furnace Oil, Husk and Biomass Briquette etc.).